Toyota hits the i-Road


Toyota's radical new electric three-wheeler - the i-Road - is now on public roads in Japan. 20 consumers will be driving 10 of the single-seater vehicles on city streets in Tokyo. The idea is for Toyota to gain feedback on its potential - and a two-seater version is going on trial in Europe (in France) in 2015. The compact, slim 300kg i-Road leans into corners like a scooter, but offers car-like stability. If it enters production, this could be the first three-wheeled vehicle offered by a major car brand for several decades. Exciting times for three-wheeler fans!

Bajaj does NOT launch three-wheeler...

Indian giant Bajaj has unveiled a concept car called the U Car at the Delhi Auto Expo, but contrary ro appearances , it's not a three-wheeler, but has narrow-set rear wheels, making it a four-wheeler. This petrol-engined microcar features automatic transmission and scissor doors, and weighs just 300kg. If it makes it to market, it will cost around £2,500.

Polaris launches Slingshot trike


Here's an exciting new three-wheeler that's now on sale in North America. It comes from the American-based ATV and snowmobile maker Polaris Industries, which in 2013 bought French microcar brand Aixam and also makes the Victory and Indian motorcycle ranges. Unlike the BRP Can-Am Spyder, which is also made by a company better known for its snowmobiles, the new Slingshot has side-by-side seating for two rather than in tandem. The Slingshot's modern styling looks great and is sold as a fully road-legal vehicle.

10 strangest ever three-wheelers


Most three-wheelers have something odd about them. But some of them are very strange indeed. Here out Top 10 weirdest ever cars with three wheels...

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